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Our stall of our record at Tower Records Shinjuku, Japan! 
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From the upcoming issue of Critic. ‘A House Without Books’ by Sarah Ley-Hamilton

A beautiful illustration by friend and all round talented dude Daniel ‘Blackball’ Alexander for my upcoming article in Critic Magazine.
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Kilimanjaro tea and Austen. Missing my boys @TrickMammoth and @malesmales
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Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale-Attese
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Peta Clancy
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chewmark: jerry seguin
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People play in and around the water blocked off at Le Havre Beach in Normandy, France, 1936.Photograph by W. Robert Moore, National Geographic
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Villa Müller, by Adolf Loos, 1930, Prague, Czech Republic.
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#298, 2005 from Ten Convenient Stores Series  
Harlan Erskine