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Me, Montreal 2014. Photo: Elli Bratt.
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Baltimore - Trick Mammoth
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Richard and I 

11 months ago Image by Emily Hlavac Green
11 months ago Our debut album ‘Floristry’ will be released in New Zealand late November through Fishrider Records and in the UK through Occultation February next year. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tex Houston (The Clean, The 3Ds) during July, 2013. Below is the tracklisting.
Side A
1. Baltimore
2. Pinker Sea
3. Terracotta
4. Delphine (With A Purpose)
5. Vesper II

Side B
1. Himalayas
2. Floristry
3. Cold Dalmatian
4. Days of Being Wild
5. Week End

Image by Emily Hlavac Green and layout by Angus McBryde.
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Die! Die! Die! and Trick Mammoth South Island Tour Poster. 
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